‘Wonder or horror’: Four waterspouts emerge near Spanish island

Spotting a waterspout can be rare. However many people who were visiting the Spanish island of Mallorca had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spot not one but four waterspouts that emerged close to each other.

The rare weather phenomenon was captured in a video that was shared online by a Twitter user who goes by the name ENTJ (@cualify) on September 16, 2022. It appears that the video was taken on a boat ride.

The six-second clip has been viewed over 1.6 million times. Netizens expressed their awe as well as anxiety at the video.

Commenting on it a Twitter user wrote, “Wonder or horror?”. Another person wrote, “That’s spectacular and scary at the same time…”. A netizen remarked, “Oh my goodness I would freak out seeing this in person. From a boat? Forget it!”.

As per Majorca Daily Bulletin, a Spanish news outlet, the four waterspouts emerged a day after the storm hit various parts of Mallorca.

A waterspout is a vortex, often shaped like a funnel, that rotates over water bodies. They are also known as marine tornados. As per the Comprehensive Glossary of Weather written by Michael Branick, “Waterspouts are most common over tropical or subtropical waters.” They are usually weak and do not cause any storm-like weather conditions.

Earlier in July, people at Vellayil Fishing Harbour in Kerala’s Kozhikode were left surprised after they witnessed a waterspout that emerged after a brief cyclone had hit the shore.

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