Youth loses left fist, right hand fingers in brawl, Bengaluru cops launch hunt for accused and severed part

What started as a bar brawl in Bengaluru in the early hours of Monday later turned into a major fight between two groups, leading to a 21-year-old youth losing his left fist and all the fingers of his right hand. While the police managed to arrest one of the accused, a hunt is on to arrest the other accused. A team has also been formed to find the youth’s fist, which they suspect has been taken away by stray dogs.

According to the police, S Prajwal and his friends were partying at a bar Monday in the Kurubarahalli area of Bengaluru. A brawl broke out between the trio and a group of four-five men after they threw a tissue paper towards Prajwal and his friends. The bar staff subsequently asked both the groups to leave.

Later, around 2 am, when Prajwal and his friends went to buy cigarettes from a shop near the bar, they bumped into the same group of men with whom they had fought at the bar. A fresh round of exchange of words ensued and soon, a man from the other group took out a machete. While Prajwal’s friends managed to run away, Prajwal was caught and his left fist and a couple of fingers of his right hand were chopped off by the accused.

Later, Prajwal was rushed to the Victoria Hospital by his friends and the trio lied to the doctor that the bucket of an excavator had fallen on Prajwal’s hand. However, Monday, Prajwal’s mother Sudha approached the police and when the CCTV footage was scanned, the police found out that the youth was attacked. The police managed to identify two of the accused. While one of them, Harish, has been arrested, the other, Ajith, and the rest of the accused are still on the run.

A police team and Prajwal’s friends are still looking for the severed fist, the police said. An officer of the Mahalakshmi Layout police station said, “Although there is evidence of the attack, we do not have any idea where is the severed fist. There were a lot of stray dogs in the vicinity and we suspect they may have taken away the fist.”

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